How to Monetize Your Game, Development Process of Games

The internet is filled with many game sites and downloadable games which you can play with ease. Games are one of the most important corners of the internet in today’s time. You can find different types of games, of different genres as well, starting from roleplay games to combat games, you can fulfill all your gaming desires in the vast ocean of the internet.

WELCOME to my blog which is about designing games that you can find online, explaining the game development process. Game designing is one of the most up and coming ways to earn a living. Games are played by people of all countries, irrespective of any social barrier. To design a game, which might seem like a difficult task, but you can reap good fruits from it. On my blog, you can learn all there is to learn about designing games and how to make the perfect game that would help you roll in profits.

Development Process of Games

The Game Development Process

The video game development process is a long process, to say the least. You don’t need to be extremely educated and have excessive skills to develop a game. The game development process encompasses both the designing of the game as well as developing it. All you need to do for that is have a vision, and then have the technical knowledge required for the game development process. The process begins by you deciding the story, the audio, the graphics, the gameplay mechanics, the levels, the characters and much more. You need to figure out the basic parts of the game and implement it in the game development process.

Firstly, you need to figure out the story on the backdrop of which the game is held to begin the game development process. The next important thing is to, figure out the characters and the levels you are going to have in this game. You can finalize the powers, abilities, skills and plot points in this game that you are developing. Then you need to figure out a mechanics team which will look after the mechanical points of the game like the graphics, the audio, and other things and then slowly you can put together a game which is ready to hit the gaming market.

What Are the Good 2d and 3d Video Game Engines?

The 2D and 3D video game engines are one of the major components when it comes to developing a video game. Some of the most popular Video game engines are Unity, Gameplay, Godot, unreal Engine and many more. The Unity game engine can work as both 2D and 3D therefore, it is one of the best video game engines. They make the best video games for nerds.

How Can You Monetize Your Video Game?

There are many ways in which you can monetize your game. Monetizing your game is one of the main things you do after the game is ready to hit the market. Without monetizing it, people who have helped create it, like the game developers, the graphics developers, the copyright owners, and others will not get any profit for making the game. Some of the best ways to monetize your video game are:

RETAIL STORES: There are many game retail stores available all over the world where you can sell your games and earn your revenue.

ONLINE DOWNLOAD: Online downloading is another great way and by far the most popular way of monetizing your game. People nowadays, download anything and everything online, therefore, the downloading option becomes one of the most popular option all over the world. You will have to pay to download the original version of the game, the revenue from which reaches the creator and team.

SUBSCRIPTION: Subscription is another great way to earn revenue off of your game. Subscribing to a game requires money to be put forth for a long time, as people can play the games they have subscribed to anytime.

MICRO TRANSACTION: Microtransaction is a very unique way of earning revenue off of a certain game. It is making in-game purchases to reach the level and add skills and abilities to certain characters, and all the money goes into the revenue amount that reaches the people who have made the game.

What Are a Few Examples of Good Micro Transaction Solutions in Games?

The microtransaction, as mentioned above is a way of earning through in-game purchases. In complex video games, which has many levels and complex characters, you get the opportunity to buy certain powers and abilities on these games by paying for them. Adding these powers, abilities, and skills to your characters will not only make them stronger but will also allow you to reach a higher stage in the game without any problem or too many failed attempts. Therefore, the microtransaction is a wonderful solution in collecting revenue off of games.

Financial Business Model of Online Casinos

What Is the Financial Business Model of Online Casinos?

Online casinos are one of the best ways to earn money online, by simply playing games. If you look in the internet platform, you would find hundreds of websites that offer the best online casinos where you can play. It is one of the most convenient ways of earning money by playing online casino games without having to get outside of your house. The provider you with a casino bonus as well.

Many online casinos offer you free casino bonus amount. You must have wondered how do these businesses prosper if they are giving out free bonuses. The free bonuses are actually for first-time customers, which are sometimes even offered to long-time customers. The money that is offered to these customers, is collected from every real hand poker or blackjack game they are dealt with. With every free bonus, there is someone somewhere, playing a real hand poker with real money. The online casinos collect their money and that is how the business makes a profit. You can play several slot games, and make real money with the help of the casino bonus, as well as you can play roulette games, blackjack games, online video poker, and so much more. You can also avail casino bonus for roulette games, online poker games, blackjack games as well.