Unwritten Passage: Dev Update April 2013

Those that are following our progress will notice that we’re settling into a monthly update schedule. This is no coincidence since this is roughly how we look at the project as well. A month is usually how long we bring in a new contributor for, and our work goals end up falling into a similar rhythm. These mini milestones are also when we look back and figure out if we had a successful month. Usually the answer is “yes” with a “but”. However, today we can unequivocally say that April kicked ass.

Big strides were made in programming and art direction, and a major part of that success was our collaboration with art director Kim Passey.

Kim’s a fantastic artist in his own right, but for Unwritten Passage his more than 20 years of experience really helped us bring cohesion and focus to the killer ideas that Lee (our principle artist) brought to the table. Kim’s influence was also instrumental in exploring the themes we already had. For example, in one case he was able to take our original environment concept piece from the Kickstarter (supplied by Waking Mars artist Amanda Williams) and illustrate with a rough color shift how we could make a barren environment still seem alive.



Tools and technology continue to progress, with much of our foundation work coming to a close. Thanks in large part to the smooth progress of the art direction, Joe was also able to make early strides in other areas, including a cloth simulation for the ribbons and banners we see playing a big role in the look of the game.

Moving forward the team’s big focus is on our “vertical slice” and a proper gameplay trailer to coincide with a Steam Greenlight campaign. As long as we keep having months like April, this will be happening toward the end of June and will put us well on the way to our first beta.

As always we’re strengthened by the continued support of family, friends, and our many crowdfunding backers. Independent game development is not always easy, but it’s a tremendous privilege that we’re all intensely grateful for.

More to follow!

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7 Responses to “Unwritten Passage: Dev Update April 2013”

  • Lewis Says:

    Cool story, Joe!

  • KogX Says:

    Glad the game is going well.

  • David Says:

    Always excited by the updates and seeing the progression of the game. I am glad I stumbled into it on Kickstarter.

  • Shockedder Says:

    It doesn’t look like the new color scheme conveys the harshness and the feeling of a dangerous trek as the old one (Amanda’s) did; this one has a much warmer tone, kind of “gather next to the fire and let’s swap some stories” vibe … Please bring the old one back,.

  • Luke Cross Says:

    I agree with Shockedder. Obviously we are the minority, otherwise you wouldnt have brought on another artist to make the changes, but I liked the desolate dead world look, it made the journey seem that much more forboding.

  • Mal Says:

    i actually agree with both Luke and Shockedder. I felt the grey tones of a tundra was fitting for what you were going for.

  • Alex Hernandez Says:

    Maybe not such a minority then. I was thinking just the same! :-)