The Den of the Roxlou: More Workspaces

Our previous post about Joe’s bathroom adjacent office might have been the height of style, but that was just one of the workspaces of Roxlou Games. We have a distributed work environment, meaning that each contributor has their own view when they come to work each morning.

Julian, a games musician working on our signature sound, sends this picture with the following description:

I use Logic Pro for my writing, with lots of Kontakt libraries and most of East/West’s stuff. My go to samples at the moment are Cinematic Strings 2, Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, EW’s Silk, and Hollywood Brass. I have a few guitars for live playing which I run through an Axe-FX Ultra.

Lee, our much valued artist, sends his pictures with no comment at all, so we have added the appropriate descriptions for him.

This fashionable semi-glove is made from the pelts of baby seals and has been hand cured with the tears of hippies. Lee wears it when drawing on his massive tablet PC because it makes him feel fancy and keeps his delicate pinky finger from getting cold.

This is the view of Lee that his fiance is most accustomed to. This is partially due to Lee’s intense dedication to everything he commits to, and partially because he is hiding from the shame of wearing less than half a working glove.

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