Jan 6 2014

Clarifications for a New Year

This post refers to another post made here a few days ago.

Hey Folks,

First off, to all the backers, journalists, and other fine human beings that have left kind words of support (especially for my family), thank you so much. They are much appreciated.

That said, now I just wanted to clear up something that seems to be in confusion. There have been some comments that express frustration that the game doesn’t continue slowly in what time I can find. However, that’s exactly what’s going on right now. The game is continuing forward. However, the premise of the Kickstarter phase of the project was a short fulltime effort from me and my team (with monthly updates at the very least), and this is no longer true. This is why I felt it was the right thing to notify the public and the backers.

However, since the project is still ongoing (if on life-support), this means that opening the project or releasing the music/art, etc (as many have requested), is problematic.

Since I am still hoping to figure this out (once my family situation stabilizes), it would be premature to release all the assets. Also, the other contributors are invested in the project and are (at least for now) continuing to work on the game on their own. This is especially true for Julian, who is especially committed to the music of Unwritten Passage and told me he is revising his musical vision for the game. Since I can no longer pay these talented people, at the very least I can respect their wishes regarding work that they feel is “in progress”.

Of course the situation is obviously “fluid” right now. If things change I’m not opposed to opening the project up, and I’ll post here if that is the direction things go.

Thanks yet again,

Joe Houston
Roxlou Games

Sep 29 2013

Boston Globe Interview: Video game killers for peace

Video game killers for peace

Earlier this month the Boston Globe chatted with Joe about the role that violent video games can play in addressing the issue of violence in society.

This is the result.

Feb 11 2013

The Team of Unwritten, 12 Final Hours, and a Bunch of Indie Games

UPDATE: It’s on like Donkey Kong*, right now!
*disclaimer — Donkey Kong will not be played. Unless of course you tell us to. Then we probably will. Probably.

The Kickstarter for our first game, Unwritten: That Which Happened, is about to enter its final 24 hours. At the time of writing this we are at just over 81% of our goal, thanks to a phenomenal day of funding. It’s time for the final push, and frankly the whole team is half manic and half maniac (no, we didn’t write it twice).

In an effort to answer some questions about the game, get the word out, and maybe even have a bit of fun, the whole team is going to spend the last 12-14 hours playing indie games and live tweeting our thoughts and impressions. We’ll be playing hip games, obscure games, games we love, and games we might actually hate. But mostly we’re going to be playing games chosen by YOU.

WHERE: On Twitter, specifically @RoxlouGames (click now and follow us)
WHEN: Tuesday, February 12th, 10:00 am U.S. Central Time to Midnight (the end of our campaign)

To participate, just follow us, read our tweets, and tweet us your questions. Easy peasy!

Here are the games that have been suggested by our backers and well-wishers so far (along with the Twitter handles we’ve found for them):

  • Under the Garden – @FarmerGnome
  • Overgrowth – @Wolfire
  • Capsized – @AlientrapGames
  • FTL
  • Waking Mars – @TigerStyleGames
  • Enviro-Bear 2010 – @manbearcar
  • Octodad – @octodadgame
  • Minecraft – @notch
  • Protect Me Knight – @AncientGames_EN
  • Flatland: Fallen Angle – @SeeThruStudios
  • King of Dragon Pass
  • Dungeons of Fayte
  • Little Inferno
  • Dominus (Abandonware from the 90s)
  • Games from the IGF Finalists List (some are already listed here — others will be investigated as time permits)

To make your own recommendation tweet us your suggestion, leave a comment here, email us, throw a carrier pigeon through our window, whatever. Just let us know. Due to system constraints we can only play PC, Xbox Live Indie Games, and iOS games (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch). We’ll give preference to games that we already own or ones that have free demos (we’re broke ass indie developers remember), although if you can legally send us a copy of a game (most likely because you’re one of the creators) we’ll give you whatever exposure we can command. Otherwise there are no restrictions on content. We’ll play anything.

Unwritten is almost funded and we’re ecstatic at the thought of joining the ranks of indie developers anywhere! Help us celebrate!

Feb 11 2013

80% Funded and Close to 24 Hours Left! Next Stop… THE END!

Getting close to our final 24 hours, and we’re 80% funded!

Don’t stop now, let’s carry on to the finish line!

Feb 11 2013

48 Hours to Go! Unwritten’s Final Countdown…

By the time most of you will read this there will be fewer than 48 hours remaining in the campaign. Earlier today Joe recorded the video update found over at the Kickstarter page, talking about where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. This video was shot in one take, from the heart, edited down to a length consumable by humans.

Click here to read the whole update

Feb 6 2013

Joe is Doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit

UPDATE: It’s on right now!

UPDATE: Looks like Reddit changed the time when they added us to the schedule. It’s now at 12 pm, eastern time.

By popular request, Joe will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit tomorrow (February 7th) at 12pm EST.

For those that are new to the project, Joe Houston is Roxlou Games‘ founder and is the programmer and designer for Unwritten. He’s best known as a former core member of the critically acclaimed game Dishonored, and for his published articles on Indie Gaming and Video Game Violence.

Joe has also worked for Bioware and Midway and has worked on games of all genres and platforms.

For those new to Reddit and the concept of an “AMA”, it is an opportunity to put a person in the “hot seat” and ask them any kind of question at all. Reddit works on a system of “upvotes” and “downvotes” to help people find the best stuff, so when you come be sure to click the up arrow to “upvote” us!

We hope to see everyone and their questions there. We will post again just before it gets underway.

Feb 5 2013

Unwritten Interview at Rock, Paper, Shotgun

There is a full interview about Unwritten over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun today.

RPS is one of our favorite sites, so this is a real pleasure. There is a lot of info here that hasn’t been discussed in prior interviews, so be sure to give it a look!

Feb 4 2013

Unwritten over at “The Jace Hall Show”

Joe is over at “The Jace Hall Show” website today talking about Dishonored and UNWRITTEN.

Check it out here!