Exclusive Look Inside the Offices of Roxlou Games

The Offices of Roxlou Games. There aren’t words to adequately describe these hallowed halls. But if you were to try, you might say…



And oh, the view!

Inside Roxlou Games founder Joe Houston’s home office we see a space where more than just games are created. That was in no way a reference to poop.

You might also be brewing beer in the tub

However, working out of a bathroom closet is a nicer fit than you might first think. There is still plenty of room for small comforts, like this signed memento from the Dishonored project.

Plus from the toilet you can see all the way into the future of indie games.

At least the future of our part of it

6 Responses to “Exclusive Look Inside the Offices of Roxlou Games”

  • Shana Says:

    Okay, I LIVE with you and I still laughed through this entire post. Classic Joe.

  • Joe Houston Says:

    Feeling bored? Here are some highlights to hunt for in the pictures above. Just pretend that you’re playing an old school adventure game and you need an illogical combination of items to open a locked door or jump start a Dodge Dart.

    Look out for…
    * Cuddles, the Skyrim dragon
    * Black Bottle, Anthony Huso’s weird and wonderful fantasy novel
    * Dishonored pre-order bonuses, reserved three and a half years in advance
    * A little something by Neil Stephenson

    Have fun.

  • Keith Says:

    I especially like the behind-the-programmer look at Joe’s shoes in the last picture. Geek-fierce.

  • Katie Says:

    That was very funny. Loved it.

  • Katie Says:

    P.S. It took me about 5 seconds too long to figure out where you came up with the name!

  • Kain Says:

    Looking forward to the in-depth developer interviews with the Creative Director where we might hear a toilet flushing in the background… if we are lucky.

    P.S. – I have a nice camcorder