Jan 28 2013

Spread the Word! Unwritten Profile Avatar for Kickstarter.

In our latest Kickstarter project update we’ve responded to even more backer feedback, and we couldn’t be happier. This time around we’re adding custom profile avatars to be used on Kickstarter and anywhere else you want to generate conversations about the game.

Check out the full update for more details.

Nov 16 2012

Goodies: Roxlou Games Wallpaper

A note from Joe:

Our artist Lee recently made a cool banner image for our Facebook and Google+ pages, running with the concept “Made for Nerds”.

I liked the results so much I rearranged it with our original logo into some quick wallpaper. Grab it here in high resolution at various aspect ratios. Apologies to Lee if I butchered it. Check it out on our Facebook page to see it in its original glory.