Founded by Joe Houston, a core member of the Dishonored team, Roxlou Games was created for one purpose: “to make games for nerds.” Internally we often talk about our “50,000 closest friends,” referring to that niche group of fans out there that are going to be thrilled by what we’re working on. We aspire to make polished, complete game experiences that don’t dumb down interesting ideas to reach a larger audience.

Read Joe’s in-depth, personal reasons for starting Roxlou Games in this post for game development publication Gamasutra.

Our first game, Unwritten Passage, successfully reached its funding goal on Kickstarter and has now entered full production. It’s a weird, exotic game about turn-based strategy, permanent decisions, Balinese shadow puppets, and much much more. Check it out!

Joe Houston
Probably best known for his work as a programmer on games of all types, Joe has been a professional game developer for over 7 years. He most recently finished work on the critically acclaimed big budget game Dishonored where he worked as a core team member from start to finish.

Joe is the founder of Roxlou Games. Learn more about him via his blog and his LinkedIn profile.

Lee VanWallene
New to the professional game scene but a longtime student of concept and game art, Lee brings important aesthetic vision to Roxlou Games. He has recently enjoyed doing contract art for the venerable Steve Jackson Games, and maintains a long running webcomic Half Man Half Monkey All Hero.

Check out Lee’s art via his portfolio.

Julian Culme-Seymour
Born in Switzerland, raised in Singapore, and living in the UK, Julian is a talented musical composer with a rich and varied background. He is responsible for the eclectic mix of world music found in Unwritten Passage, melding modern techniques with traditional instruments and themes.

Check out Julian’s music via his portfolio.